5 Tips That Will Get Your Garden Ready for The Summer

5 Tips That Will Get Your Garden Ready for The SummerDuring the summer months, your garden will be in full production mode. All of your plants will be growing and bearing fruit and vegetables that you can pick in the fall. But before that can take place you will need to get your garden ready for the summertime. Readying your Poulan Pro riding mower (or any mower for that matter) is just the beginning. Today we are going to learn five important tips that will help get your garden ready for the hottest part of the year.

Five Summertime Garden Tips

1. Get your soil ready

Before you plant anything in your garden this summer, have your soil tested in the spring. This will give you a better idea about what soil type you are dealing with and what you might need to add to balance the PH. You can purchase soil testing kits at your local big box store for a few dollars.

2. Begin composting

A great way to get your soil ready for planting season is by adding rich compost. This will help build up your soil and compost will add the vital nutrients needed for plants to grow healthy and strong. Compost will also help your garden retain moisture during the summer season.

3. Choose your plants

Before the summertime comes, sit down and designed your garden by choosing the type of plants you are going to incorporate. This will allow you to build a comprehensive care plan that will help keep your garden looking great.

4. Set up an irrigation system

A great way to save time and keep your plants watered during the summer is by adding in an irrigation system. This will allow you to provide the proper amount of water at the right time of day. An irrigation system will help simplify the water process.

5. Start a gardening diary

Before your plant begins to grow, a great way to keep track of their progress is with a gardening diary. This will allow you to look back next year and learn from the problems you had last growing season.

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