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Tips To Battle Winter Blues

Winter is that time of year when most of us just do not know what to do. All the schools and colleges will be shut down and we will hardly have anything useful activity other than just sit and watch the white carpet cover all the houses in the neighbourhood. Being at home all

Staying In Shape While At Home

Fitness is very essential to us just like food, water and shelter are. People work eight to ten hours a day to make sure that they have enough money to meet their day to day needs and to save for their future. How many actually spend a minimum of an hour per day to

Simple Yoga To Relax And Rejuvenate

Yoga is being increasingly followed and done by many people around as it helps in relaxing the mind and gives the body the correct amount of physical exercise. The basic reason why many are into doing yoga is to meditate and come to oneself. The worship to the sun is one of the best

Evolution of Nail Art

Nail Art is something that is quite required for all of us as it is one of the most trending things that are happening. There used to be a time when a person who was having long nails was looking quite disgusting. Now, we feel longer the nail the better it is to shape