Colours And Coding For Study Notes

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We all know that one of the most important things that we need to know and do when we are in grad school is to organize ourselves. We are no longer the tiny weenie kids who can run around and play the whole day when our parents or nanny would help in cleaning up the mess that we have left behind. We are in the young adult phase and it is time to take some responsibility and be responsible individuals. Organizing does not necessarily only mean cleaning and piling up things in your room. In order to succeed in your college life you will also have to organize your study. Here are some easy tips to help you in organizing this important aspect of college life.


Collect different colour post it notes and keep them ready to help you with organizing your study. You will need a minimum on four colours if not more. Each colour should depict some important aspect like study for exam, highly important content, to do today, etc.


Stick the notes on to the particular pages on the book which you think is essential. You need to make sure that you remember what colour note is for which reason. For example, you can use a pink note for highly important content. If you are able to remember it, whenever you see a pink note, you would know that there is something important in that page that has to be studied or done.

In the case of text books, you can use the notes to mark the portions for the tests, identify important contents and also note frequently asked topics with respect to the exams. You can also use arrow post it notes to make sure that some important fields are easily noted.

By using these study notes, you can be sure that you will be able to finish the tasks for the day by just running through those notes and doing those based on the priority levels. You can even mark some doubts which you need to clarify with the professor and do that the following day itself so that you do not waste time on it later.

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