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Accessories are one of the best things that you can do it yourself; the reason being that there are no restrictions to this category and you have numerous options to choose from. It may not necessarily be the handbags or the scarves, there is much more to do if you are a little creative and have the time and patience to execute it.


This is one of the best DIY accessories as it will be noticed the moment you leave the house. A handbag portrays much about the girl who is wearing it. Most men judge women with their handbags. The way in which you handle it, carry it around, how organised it is are all very important things. So why not flaunt a handbag that would display your creative skills to the outside world. You will only need some cloth, threads, glue to stick on some glitter, chains for handles, scissors and a hell lot of patience. You can make handbags of different colours and styles by using just these items.


Are you having some old shoes that are still comfortable for your feet and you don’t feel like throwing them away? Well, you can give a new look to your shoes by just using some lace, neon stickers and glue. This will give a fresh look to the comfortable shoes so that you can use it for some more time.


Making earrings looks like rocket science if you don’t know anything about it. In reality, it is just about using your imagination with the raw materials in hand and making your own style. You might just need some beads, strings, studs, glue, connecting rings and plain ear studs to make them.


Every necklace that you wear depicts your style. So why not make one yourself? A simple metal ring necklace can give an elegant look to you. All you need to do this is some thin rope, metal loops and some creativity. Just place the rings one after the other and run through the rope in some pattern. Add as many rings as you would need to fit your neck. Then finish it of my added loops to the corner of the ropes.

There are umpteen number of things that you can make if you are game for it. You don’t have to spend hours hunting stores and online shops to buy accessories that would suit your attire. You can make customized accessories yourself that would perfectly suit your requirements.

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