Evolution of Nail Art

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Nail Art is something that is quite required for all of us as it is one of the most trending things that are happening. There used to be a time when a person who was having long nails was looking quite disgusting. Now, we feel longer the nail the better it is to shape them. Dagger nails and almond nails are in the trend so what are you waiting for? Just grow and flaunt the.

Nail art has come a long way from its inception. History states that the basic nail art may have started as early as 5000 BC, which is a very long time ago. At those times, nails were coloured for queens who wanted to portray a different colour than the natural ones; the main colours used to be red and dark rusty shades. It was more a way to depict their status symbol. Some colours were assigned to the upper class and some to the lower classes, so you would be able to identify their class by just looking at their nails. The first nail colours were introduced only in 1976 by Jeff Pink who was the owner of ORLY, a cosmetic company.

The 20th century was the time when nail art broke the traditional barriers of class separation and hence everyone started using it. In the beginning, only a single colour was used. Nowadays, various colour combinations, patterns and even designs are being used. In 2012, started the biggest craze for nail art, that every celebrity was sporting their own style. You can go beyond the common patterns and make some custom nail art that would suit your mood and the occasion.

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