Staying In Shape While At Home

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Fitness is very essential to us just like food, water and shelter are. People work eight to ten hours a day to make sure that they have enough money to meet their day to day needs and to save for their future. How many actually spend a minimum of an hour per day to take care of their health? Not many. Being fit does not have to mean that you need to be pumping a rowing machine for 30 minutes or pulling up weights in different directions; it is just that you get to do some kind of physical activity that would make you feel healthy and have a longer life. Some easy workouts that you can do without the use of any props are listed here.

Start with some simple stretches or yoga whichever you are comfortable with. We can have two sessions to make sure that we are not putting too much of strain on our body. Start with jumping jacks, a minimum of twenty counts at the least. Then follow it up with thirty seconds of butt kicks. After butt kicks, move on to another thirty seconds of high knees. It is always better to complement forward and backward movements with each other so that you can increase the flexibility of the body. Once you are done with high knees, do around ten front kicks, followed by five jump squats and a thirty second mountain climbers. Take a break if you have to. Grab a bottle of water and relax for a maximum of thirty seconds.

Again, you can start with twenty jumping jacks, five burpees, thirty seconds of jumping ropes and five jump squats. You have to make sure that you are doing these properly to get the maximum benefit out of these workouts. You will feel the fat burn in each and every part of your body. Do ten more front kicks followed by thirty seconds of marching, fifteen seconds each of butt kick, high knees and you will be done with session one.

Session two can be even more vigorous if you have the stamina to do it. Do the complete routine one more time; take a break in between if you have to. If you are feeling too much strain on your knees, you can alter the sequence mindfully. You need to be careful that you are not doing the same type of exercises one after the other. Try to give alternating exercises like any workout that makes your legs move front should be followed by another activity that will make your legs go backward and vice versa.

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